Hail, adventurer! Here are the collected works of the dwarven scholar and d20 theorist known as Greenbeard. We are working to translate into English the works of original research by this august sage. The ancient dwarven is difficult to work through at times, but we are working as fast as our skill and funding allow.

The writings of the sage Greenbeard cover many topics, including the bizarre creatures he encountered, his attempts to mold the universe into a “more rational” form, and general advice written, apparently, to the gods of his world offering advice on how to better run the cosmos.

Be patient as we work on increasing the library of materials available for the English speaking world, and if there is a topic you would like us to focus on, let us know so we can provide the public what it desires from the Greenbeard Codex!

Thank you from The Translators.

This is my gaming blog, focusing on my home D&D game as well as additional things I come up with but perhaps won’t implement in my home game.  I run a mix of systems, mainly 3.5e, with some AD&D and 5e elements thrown in, as well as a healthy dose of pure homebrew.  My campaign world is set on a magical earth circa 1550, whose history is largely that of our own world, though the quarters that are vacant of human habitation are populated by orcs, gnolls, goblins, hobgoblins, and every other sentient race you might come up with.

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