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Empire’s Foundation Equipment Table

This is mainly for the players in my online campaign, as the forum we are using is rather unwieldy to edit.  We are set in Ancient Greece, so if you need an equipment table for that, feel free to borrow.

First, the Pricing Table:


    • chiton, linen…2 drachmae
    • chiton, silk…20 drachmae
    • peplos, linen…3 drachmae
    • peplos, wool…5 drachmae
    • peplos, silk…30 drachmae
    • himation, light wool…10 drachmae
    • himation, heavy wool…16 drachmae
    • chlamys, wool…3 drachmae
    • strophion…1 drachma
    • perizoma…2 drachmae
    • sandals, goat leather…6 drachmae
    • slippers, linen…4 drachmae
    • shoes, goat leather…10 drachmae
    • boots, goat leather…20 drachmae
    • belt…4 drachmae
    • brooch, common…3 obols
    • brooch, good…2 drachmae

Musical Instruments:


    • Short sword, bronze…20 drachmae
    • Sword, kopis, bronze…30 drachmae
    • Spear, bronze head…10 drachmae
    • Dagger, bronze…5 drachmae
    • Dagger, copper…4 drachmae
    • Knife, stone…3 drachmae
    • Sling, leather…4 obols
    • Bow, Bronze…200 drachmae
    • Shortbow…60 drachmae
    • Shortbow, composite…75 drachmae
    • Mace, bronze…27 drachmae
    • Mace, iron…25 drachmae
    • Mace, stone…10 drachmae
    • Javelin…2 drachmae


    • Cuirass, bronze, muscled…450 drachmae
    • Cuirass, bronze, bell…350 drachmae
    • Linothorax…70 drachmae
    • Helmet, bronze, Corinthian…50 drachmae
    • Helmet, bronze, plated…40 drachmae
    • Helmet, bone, plated…10 drachmae
    • Armor, plate, bronze…100 drachmae
    • Armor, plate, bone…25 drachmae
    • Greaves, bronze, muscled…60 drachmae
    • Greaves, bronze, plain…50 drachmae
    • Shield, aspis…40 drachmae
    • Shield, pelte…10 drachmae


    • Bread, loaf, 8 oz…2 morionae
    • Flour, sack, 15 lb…1 drachma
    • Olive oil, litre…2 obol
    • Olives, in oil, 5 lbs…1 drachma
    • Grapes, 1 lb…1 obol
    • Wine, 1 litre…1 drachma (incl. wineskin)
    • Milk, goat’s, 1 litre…2 obols
    • Cheese, goat’s, fresh 1 lb…1 drachma
    • Cheese, goat’s, aged 1 lb…1 dr 3 obols
    • Vegetables (Cabbage, onion, garlic) 1 lb…1 morion
    • Beans (lentils, chickpeas, common) 1 lb…2 morion
    • Fish, 1 lb, fresh…1 obol
    • Fish, 1 lb, salted…5 obols
    • Eggs, 1 dozen, fresh…2 obols
    • Eggs, 6, pickled…1 drachma
    • Honey, 1 lb…5 drachmae
    • Meat, goat, 1 lb, fresh…2 obols
    • Meat, Boar, 1 lb, fresh…5 obols
    • Meat, venison, 1 lb, fresh…1 drachma
    • Chicken, whole (3 lbs)…3 obols
    • Rabbit, whole (2 lbs)…2 obols
    • Fruit (fig, apple, pear), 1 lb…2 obols
    • Nuts (almond, walnut, beech, chestnuts, pine), 1 lb…1 drachma
    • Herbs (sage, mint, thyme, savory, oregano), fresh, 1/2 lb…2 obols

Anything else that you think you would want, post a comment here or on the forum and I’ll get you a price.  Since you are starting out in Corinth, most anything you want will be available.

Now, a note about the armor and weapons.  If you will notice, there is a distinct lack of chainmaille armor, and a complete lack of anything steel on any list.  This is because we are in the Late Bronze Age here.  There is a bit of iron working going on, but it is time intensive, and typically yields a slightly inferior product (more brittle, heavier, higher cost due to the large amount of work involved in forging the iron at this stage of development, etc.  The main advantage of iron at this time is it’s availability, as Copper and Tin for bronze have to be imported from very far away.  There is an existing supply line, however, and demand is high so costs are kept reasonable.)

There are a few specific items I’d like to describe for the benefit of the players.  First, the linothorax.


The linothorax is armor made from layers of cloth layered together with a binding compound (like pitch) and stitched together.  It is lighter and cheaper to make than any bronze armor, and is the go-to for the hoplite on a budget.  It has properties identical to Hide armor (DR 2/S, 3/P, 2/B; DC 3), but weighs 15 lbs.


The bronze armor listed above is equivalent to a breastplate from the SRD.  Note that Helmet, Cuirass and Greaves must be purchased for the full protective benefit.  Lacking a helmet will reduce the stats by 1 each, and likewise lacking greaves will drop the protection by 1.  Purchasing a helmet and greaves only will provide armor thus: DR 2/S, 2/P, 1/B; DC 2.

The “muscled” option for the armor is to be specially fitted to the buyer, and will take an extra two days to manufacture.  Since it is made tailored to the individual who purchases it, the armor check penalty is reduced by 1 for that wearer.

Armor, Plate

Plated armor is essentially a leather backing with metal (or bone) plates sewn onto it.  It is rather stiff, but offers decent protection at the cost of mobility and comfort.  It’s stats are equal to Scale Mail in the SRD (and as listed on the “Problem of Armor Progression” post on this blog.


There are a few different materials listed for several weapons on the list above, and largely this does not affect how the weapon performs.  It does, however, mean that weapons of different construction have a chance of breaking a weapon of a lesser material.  Further, dropping a weapon due to a fumble gives a chance for the weapon to break, and how much of a chance depends on the construction of the weapon.  Bronze is at the top of the list, and bone and stone are near the bottom.


I should note here that the currency for the campaign is based on the real-world currency of the era.  The standard is the silver Athenian drachma.  1 drachma is roughly equivalent to 1/2 a gold piece, but please ask for prices not listed on this post or on the forum.  1 drachma = 6 obols = 24 morionae.  These are all silver coins minted in Athens.  Corinth also mints a silver coin (the stater) that is worth 2 drachmae.  1 Talent is equal to 6,000 drachmae.  Should other conversion information be necessary, I will update this post.

Food & Lodging

Please be sure to be sure that you have sufficient food for any journeying you plan to do.  See my post on Starvation on this blog for more info.  While in Corinth (or any large city), premade meals may be purchased from street vendors or obtained from lodging establishments.  In smaller settlements, street vendors may be in existence, but things like inns will not be common.  Travellers often stayed with friends, or in the city squares, or camped outside most often.

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