Regarding the Recent Break in Communications

The thirty or so people who follow my blog may have noticed that I haven’t been posting much of anything recently.  There is a reason for this, which I will explain, well, now.

Back in August my wife and I had the distinct pleasure to welcome a third child to our family, a beautiful little girl we named Aderyn.  All was well until early October when she fell terribly ill and had to be hospitalized for a week.  We learned in that very trying week that our perfect baby girl had some rare (1 in 5000) birth defects that were not detected initially by medical personnel, but left her very prone to infections, specifically urinary tract infections.  These “anatomical anomalies” as I have taken to calling them are thankfully treatable with surgery, so that in probably three or four years she will be operating as most other human beings do.

Her first surgery is scheduled for March 28, and in the face of mounting medical bills my wife and I have decided to attempt to defray some of these costs by holding a fundraiser by selling t-shirts through booster.com.  Which brings me to the real point for my message today:  if you would like a handsomely designed t-shirt (a collaboration of my wife and her sister) and support a family against the rising tide of incredibly expensive healthcare procedures at the same time, I would be extremely thankful and humbled if anyone reading this wished to help us out.

The shirt is, in my opinion, a shirt that you would actually feel comfortable wearing (unlike a large number of shirts which prominently display someone’s name and/or debilitating disease which you purchase as a show of support but never ever wear), featuring a cute little owl sitting on the crossbar of a blackletter capital A. It’s a neutral grey shirt as well, for maximum versatility.

So if you want a cool shirt with an owl on, or if you feel driven to help out families in the face of medical bills, please check out our fundraiser at https://www.booster.com/surgery-for-little-bird?type=zoom&side=front. It’s only going to be active for two weeks, so act fast.  Please feel free to share with generous friends, as well.

Thank you.

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Big Things Coming

I’ve been away a while, yes.  But I’m currently working on a few things that will be published here over the next couple of weeks. First up, something I like to call Heroic Weapons, then some comprehensive encounter tables, weather tables based on the Köppen climatic classifications, and a few other thing I’m preparing for a campaign I’m hoping to run in the near(ish) future (with all the hubbub about 5e, I should probably note that all of this will be for 3.5e as that is the system I am familiar with and own books for).

Stay tuned!

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Why I Tinker

The rules in the d20 system are largely really good (version 3.5, of course).  But some things I would prefer to be a bit more realistic.  I am a big proponent of realism in my games (as much as is reasonably attainable in fantasy settings, anyway).  Sometimes I get an idea, or something bugs me about how things currently work.  That’s why I tinker with the rules.  Some of my ideas are good ones, and those you are welcome to borrow from me, and probably a lot of them add lots of unnecessary complication.

Anyway, that’s a brief explanation of why I tinker with the rules, and this blog will be about those rules and the thoughts behind my customization.  I hope you find some of this useful.  Thanks!

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