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So it Begins

It took a while, but there have been two fresh new characters rolled up for the persistent campaign that I am starting.  It took a while because on of my players was feeling not-very-well-at-all, and I was attempting to explain all of the differences between what we had been playing (via Sliders) and what we will be playing.  Though all the basics are now out of the way and we will be ready to start next Tuesday on the official game (possibly with a third player, who will get a character rolled up under my supervision out-of-session).  I have begun them in the alternative history world circa 1550 in a little town called Canterbury in the County of Kent, in the realm of England.  And although we haven’t officially started playing yet, the players have an agenda all their own.

Being half-elf sisters raised by their human father (one a bard and the other a rogue), they have decided to blow out of the shaved ice stand of jolly old England and make for the Danish city of Oslo to visit their mother’s relatives.  (For those of you paying attention, Oslo is actually in Norway, but the Danes have control of it in 1550)  This is marvelous for me, mostly because I know exactly where they intend to go, so I can focus my research into that area and the hardships that might occur along the way.

I don’t want to tip my hand here too much, so let me just say that this is looking to be a good game.

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Given that dragons are a fantastically powerful and intelligent species, it stands to reason that there would be a society out there somewhere that would be ruled by dragons.  Perhaps more than a single society, but an entire world dominated by Dragonkind!  Where mere mortals are ruled over by Dragon Kings and Emperors.  They would probably be organized along the temperaments of the individual idioms of the differing shades of dragons.

Gold and Silver dragons benevolently ruling over bustling cities of well-organized commerce with minimal crime, Black and Red dragons lording their authority and power over the repressed masses toiling for their master’s gain.  Yes, I can see it now, back in the primordial mists, before Men, Dwarves, or even Elves built their own societies on the ashes of the Dragon’s Age.

Yorvasskor the Great Gold Dragon, ruling over his empire along with his younger gold and silver dragon Earls, Barons, Dukes and Knights, peacefully shepherding the Progenitor Races towards self-sufficiency, while guarding them and his empire against the depredations of Kaath, the Red Dragon of Unterbergen.  Kaath, with his terrible legions of the underfolk, making war against Yorvasskor. Kaath, Overlord of Black, White, Blue and Green, seeking to topple the Great Gold and establish his own empire and mine the resources from under the mountains for his pleasure.  Kaath, who seeks to establish himself as a god over all the land and its peoples.

Long he would bide his time, plotting, planning, preparing under the mountains to wage his terrible war against all the good dragons had built.  For centuries he would breed his warriors, fierce and terrible for the coming Armageddon when he would seek to destroy all that opposed his rule.

But Yorvasskor would know of his plans, and prepare his own forces for the coming Doom.  He would slowly dissolve the cities and turn the citizens there into nomads, denying Kaath the chance to kill in great numbers as he desires.  Also, he would change their form and appearance to hone their skills in various crafts to arm the peoples for the coming war.  Elves would be guided into keepers of the lands themselves, rearing food and livestock to feed the armies. Dwarves would be the weaponmakers and armorsmiths, to arm the soldiers and protect them from the evils of the Underfolk and their blades.  Men would be the warriors, quick and bold, armed by Dwarves, fed by Elves, driven by their own cunning and passion, guided by the wisdom of Yorvasskor and his Court.

And then the day of battle would come, great and bloody and dark.  The dragons themselves would take to the skies, burning and bashing, clawing and biting above the melee of Men and Orcs below.  In that day all of the great dragons would perish, leaving none alive but a scant few wyrmlings and unhatched eggs sheltered in hidden nests and caves.  The Young Races then would have to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives without the guidance of the Dragons.  Their allegiances would fracture and freeze, coming together once again in the vast cities ruled by the powerful, but one of their own race now, ill equipped and short of life, nations rising against nations, races against races, spurning what was originally intended as a vast brotherhood.  Dragons would no more rule, for any that appeared would be feared and hunted, only the memories of the terror of the Dragons’ War would live, and none of the Dragon’s Age before.

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