The Sinking of the Rat’s Eye

From the Book of the Righteous of Tyr, 4th chapter of Stevin, Section 3.

“And lo, while upon the ship The Mandrake (called now the Ginger Root), there arose upon the sea a cloud of poison, placed by the servants of the unjust ones, and the vessel which had placed the cloud did command the Mandrake to stand for boarding.  And the captain of the Mandrake did give Saint Stevin and his companions into the hands of the pirates of the Rat’s Eye (for that was the name of their ship) for a price of gold.  They were placed into the lower parts of the ship, where they were accustomed to keep the slaves that they had captured.

“Stevin waxed wroth, but wisely waited for the time to strike, for the Rat’s Eye was bound to deliver the company of Stevin to the Queen of the pirate slavers.  So Tyr sent fair weather and sped the ship along the face of the waters, through the Cliffs Which Induce Madness and into the inland sea, upon the edge of which was the citadel of the Pirate Queen, who had stolen the younglings of Redwall Abbey.  And arriving in the port, Stevin began to ascend upon the air towards the citadel, but looked back at the ship and beheld upon the upper parts of the ship there was a captive, in the same form which Tyr had bestowed upon Stevin when He had delivered him to the aid of the Abbey of Redwall.  And Stevin turned in his steps to free the captive, but was met in the air by the weiraht, who did engage him withal and shouted a loud curse.  Stevin then called upon Tyr to smite the infidel with blindness, but the weiraht’s evil did resist the power of Tyr.  Then the companions of Stevin rushed down to the aid of the innocent upon the ship.  The servant of Nature did leap into the form of a swift bird and rushed to call the lightning upon the unrighteous one.

“Then Stevin did once again call upon the Just One to forever close the eyes of one who would oppose justice, but again did the monster’s dark magic repel the hand of Tyr.  He then released again a cloud of poison against Stevin (for it was the monster who called the cloud of poison upon the sea), and then began to flee back to the ship which was departing to escape the wrath of Stevin, which grew full of Tyr’s might.  And when Stevin saw that the Rat’s Eye did attempt to escape the inland sea, behold, he called down the strike of flame upon their mast and burned away the ropes and sails of the mast, and smote those on the ropes with the fire of Tyr.

“The servant of nature then called forth a Djann and a mad troupe of monkeys to wrest the boy from the hand of the captain of the ship, for he did seek to keep the captive.  But the power of nature was too much, and caused the captain to quake with fear.  Then Stevin did lift up his hands, and commanded the sea itself to rise (for the ship had set out oars to escape even after the main mast had been burned) and the ship came back to the dock and they smote themselves upon each other.  Then the crew of the ship did all leap overboard for fear of the might of Tyr and disappeared into the sea, and the companions of Stevin did rescue the boy from out of the hand of the pirates, and allowed the ship to burn, to cleanse it from the unrighteousness that it had carried.”

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