Tuesday Campaign, Session 3

Having arranged for passage on a ship bound for Hamburg, Freja and Morelli directed their steps back to the inn where Alek, Hilde, and Klaus were enjoying a fine meal and a song.  However, a cry for help found it’s way to Freja’s ear, and she dashed down a nearby alley to help the poor girl.  Morelli followed close behind, and luckily they spotted the figure lurking in the shadows before he had a chance to surprise one or the both of them. It was a tense standoff, escalating quickly when the little girl they had heard before jumped on Morelli and nearly dragged him to the ground.  He escaped only by wounding the girl grievously, and the bandit lost heart when he saw that Morelli was actually a spellcaster.  Both he and the girl escaped.

Staggering back to the inn, they joined their compatriots for dinner, and overheard the locals talking of a “beast, of huge size” ravaging the countryside.  Going to the hospital attached to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Calais, they secured an appointment for the morrow for both Alek and Morelli to be healed.  Freja conducted the negotiations, and discovered more of the beast’s predations that night.  Klaus contributed some of his father’s knowledge of wolves to the hunt, and they set out the next morning to find the creature.  The beast fell for their trap and they managed to slay it, winning a prize of 300 Livres from the Bishop for their trouble.

Again, there was very little damage sustained by the party in both of the fights, netting a rather smaller sum of XP than might otherwise have occurred.  I am still quite pleased with the idea of awarding XP based on pure combat prowess, though I have revised the level thresholds down a significant number after discussing with my players their thoughts.  In the interest of avoiding a mutiny at the table, I’ve taken the Pathfinder XP tables, assigned the highest column to Fighters, Paladins, and Barbarians, the lowest column to Wizards and Sorcerers, and the middle table to everyone else. Then I took all the numbers on that table and divided them by two for the current advancement table.  I have also modified Mr. Smolensk’s XP scheme up by a bit to 15 per damage dealt, 20 per damage received, and 15 divided among the party per point of damage received.

We will play with that for a while, and see how that sits with everyone.  (They also got 300 XP divided among them for the reward from the Bishop).  So that’s where things are now.

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