Surprise Running

I honestly didn’t expect to be running my campaign tonight, but Alek’s player felt well enough after his surgery this morning that we gave it a go.  It turns out that the dire rats the party faced last time were fighting over a human arm they had dug up.  The arm belonged to a body that was buried in a shallow grave, a fresh body, with neither pouch nor papers, the only identifying thing on him besides his clothes was a snuff box with a two-headed eagle carved into the lid tucked between the man’s doublet and shirt.

They dilly-dallied around for about an hour with exhuming, examining, and excavating a new grave for the body that a gnome came up the road behind them, also from Canterbury. He introduced himself as Morelli Grimsbane, and Freyja (who is the defacto group leader) agreed to allow him to travel with them at least as far as Calais.

They reached Dover without further incident, arranged passage on the ferry for late the next morning, and had dinner at the White Horse Inn.  After dinner, Freyja snuck out of her room while Hildegaard played for the patrons in the tavern.  She wandered down to the docks, found some taverns, bought some drinks, and came away with some interesting information about the German eagle, the Hanseatic League, and trade relations across the North Sea.

They sailed the next day, a few of them losing coin to Klaus in cards and dice while on the boat, and hit shore just after 1:00 (the winds were extremely favourable).  The last thing that was settled was negotiating passage on a ship bound for Hamburg setting sail three days hence.  I rolled the random encounter dice, and there will be opportunity for more XP for the group the next time we meet.  Oh, that was just Freyja and Morelli at the shipping office, Alek, Hilde, and Klaus went to find lunch.  I’ll have to come up with something interesting for them as well.

It’s always a bit touchy for me to introduce a new player to a campaign, especially one with whom I’ve not played before.  The rest of the group is pretty tightly knit from running together for some time, I am always aware of the possibility that the new person isn’t going to mesh well or quickly.  But I’ve got a good group who are very welcoming, so I’m sure if tonight didn’t scare him off, he will integrate very well into the group.

Next session will provide some opportunity for building some cohesiveness within the group, along with inter-party trust.  Personally, I would prefer if my players would just accept new party members without the need for them to “gain the trust” of the rest of the group.  This is a game, after all, and we are all here to play it. I suppose it stems from half of the group being actors and well-read, and desiring good writing for the whole world, not just everything that comes after character creation.  Mainly, I guess I’m just insecure about starting up a game and having people abandon it.  Though I’ve talked to him this morning and he is planning on coming to the next game, so I guess it’s not as bad as my paranoid self imagines.

But enough of that, I’ve got other things to worry about.  Alek, the cost of a pair bone dice is 2 silvers.  Everybody: the market list for Calais is linked on the Obsidian Portal wiki.  If I missed something leave a comment and I’ll wedge it in here.

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