So it Begins

It took a while, but there have been two fresh new characters rolled up for the persistent campaign that I am starting.  It took a while because on of my players was feeling not-very-well-at-all, and I was attempting to explain all of the differences between what we had been playing (via Sliders) and what we will be playing.  Though all the basics are now out of the way and we will be ready to start next Tuesday on the official game (possibly with a third player, who will get a character rolled up under my supervision out-of-session).  I have begun them in the alternative history world circa 1550 in a little town called Canterbury in the County of Kent, in the realm of England.  And although we haven’t officially started playing yet, the players have an agenda all their own.

Being half-elf sisters raised by their human father (one a bard and the other a rogue), they have decided to blow out of the shaved ice stand of jolly old England and make for the Danish city of Oslo to visit their mother’s relatives.  (For those of you paying attention, Oslo is actually in Norway, but the Danes have control of it in 1550)  This is marvelous for me, mostly because I know exactly where they intend to go, so I can focus my research into that area and the hardships that might occur along the way.

I don’t want to tip my hand here too much, so let me just say that this is looking to be a good game.

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